Concord Bible Church was birthed in 1965 as a church plant out of North Creek Church in Walnut Creek.

Concord Bible Church was birthed in 1965 as a church plant out of North Creek Church in Walnut Creek. Concord Evangelical Free Church was the church’s title back in the day and the Lord provided for the church in the early years through many locations. It’s original place of worship was in the gym of El Dorado School and the first service was held in December of 1965.

The church then moved to the Masonic temple in downtown Concord because of cheaper rent (it just goes to show you, it’s about the Lord and the people – not the building). At this time the church attendance was around 67 people with Pastor Frohman serving on an interim basis. In the next few years to come, there were many changes for Concord Evangelical Free Church. Pastor Frohman encouraged the church to seek a full time Pastor and the church called Norman Chapman as their next shepherd. Under Pastor Chapman’s leadership, the church was able to purchase the current property on Concord Blvd. The insight of the church leadership to press forward and step out in faith was one of the strongest decisions the church has ever made. The church was blessed with 5.5 acres of land at the cost of $37,500.00. At that time, that was a very large amount. But good discernment ruled the day and Concord Bible Church now has one of the best location, facility and land areas in the entire city. God bless those who sacrificed to make this land the home for Concord Bible Church.

Almost 20 years ago Ygnacio Valley Christian School moved onto our campus. Many of the students through out the years have been from Concord Bible Church and the school upholds the highest standard in academics and integrity. The school operates independently from the church as a pre-school through 8th grade academic institution.

The Church was well noticed for years on Concord Blvd. because of it’s choice for a unique structure for its first Sanctuary. The “Church of the Dome” was often the reputation for C.B.C.. The first Sanctuary was a Geodesic dome and served the church for many years. Due to a few earthquakes and other natural forces the “Dome” was torn down in the early 90’s and replaced with the current sanctuary.

Concord Bible Church has always been a Bible centered church that is focused on the Teaching of the Word, effective prayer, and missions support.

We look forward to the many other chapters that the Lord is going to write for the history of Concord Bible Church.