Our missions committee meets once every two months for the purpose of praying for our missionaries and to discuss our efforts in supporting them. They also exist for the purpose of administrating the support and promotion for all of our missionaries. They do a valuable ministry and also spend time discussing the promotion of “in house” short term missions. If you are interested in serving on the committee please contact the office and let us know.

Mexico – Wycliff Biblical Translation - The Hillman family – the Hillman’s are Wycliff translators working out of Mexico. They are doing a translation in Mixtec and have several sections of the Bible translated currently and are working on further translation. This is a valuable ministry in that it reaches to those who are unreached.

Western Europe and Beyond - The Beckner family – The Beckners are Reach Global missionaries with the EFCA and are doing a multicultural work in France. This is a very progressive ministry as their effort is to take French converts and have them begin reaching out with the gospel to other un-reached cultures. Ben Beckner has led several teams from their work in France to do a camp with college students from Kiev.

Central Republic of Africa: Gamboula - The Wester Family – Tim and Ann work in the area of service through the medical field. Tim works at a hospital to serve the practical needs of the community and Ann teaches at the Bible School. Both of their ministries provide countless presentations of the gospel and biblical hope through practical needs. Tim and Ann are part of the Reach Global EFCA community of missionaries.

The Congo: Africa - Tandala Hospital - The Lord has given the EFCA the privilege of providing much needed medical care in the past through Tandala Hospital. This ministry of compassion has resulted in hundreds of people coming to Christ and basic medical needs being met. Now, as this ministry suffers due to the instability in the country, I pray that once again we will respond generously to support the ministry of the hospital. Please prayerfully consider giving sacrificially to this need! Tandala Hospital is part of Touch Global through the EFCA missionary Community. We have a ministry titled “helping hands” that rolls bandages and prepares shipments from our church to the hospital. Come on out on a Monday night and join in with preparing desperately needed supplies that supports this ministry. See calendar for schedule.

~Rev. Kevin Kompelien, EFCA President