We believe that Jesus instructed us to go into all the world and preach the Gospel according to Matthew 28. He also set out a great strategy for us to follow in Matthew 5 stating that we should be a city on a hill or light to the world or salt to be used fresh.

In Acts 1 we see his strategy for the disciples in effective evangelism with starting locally and then branching out to the surrounding areas.

Scripture clearly defines that we have an ACTIVE role in being God’s ambassadors to the lost and hurting world around us. When it’s all been said and done, Concord Bible Church  desires to stand before the Lord with confidence and joy that our Lord is pleased with our stewardship of the Gospel and love of Christ. We desire for all of our church to be living examples of Christ and to keep in step with the Spirit. We also know that our flesh often needs a plan so that we can be effective in that stewardship. So the Outreach strategy at C.B.C. can be summed up with 4 R’s – or as we like to call it – The R4 Outreach!

This simply means to take the Gospel and the love of Christ and reach out in the following ways:

Relationally – Regionally – Resourcefully – Recreationally

Another way to think of this is that we desire to be effective with our message and our time so we focus on reaching out to: Family, Friends, Neighbors, Co-Workers. This can be effective in leading people to Christ but also Discipling them to maturity.

We will continue to use special events at the church as well as the R4 Outreach. But the main focus for outreach will come through you all. This strategy is designed to bring the joy of evangelism through each brother and sister in Christ at C.B.C. rather than regulate the understanding, practice and joy of evangelism to the few. This will be our culture at C.B.C. and the effects of it will be felt in Heaven, Earth and Hell.

We also make sure we train you in how to present the Gospel naturally and effectively through the "Share Jesus without Fear"  materials.